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I was incorrectly diagnosed with Eczema prior to a serious illness. I remember this time as complete frustration as to why my skin was suddenly flaring up and stayed this way. I was prescribed all sorts of medications and creams and these only made it worse. I can remember thinking if only there was a natural balm out there I could try - even it didn't work - I would feel better about putting something chemical free on my skin.

The problem skin cleared when the correct diagnosis was made. That's another story!

I wish I'd started my small business back then. It would have been handy again, when a few years later, I went for a massage and my lovely massage lady commented on the psoriasis that was on the back of my legs. I came away completely surprised at that and in denial. Later that week I found my nails had tiny pitted marks in them and googled it....there was psoriasis again. I was lucky enough to get into googling every food to avoid and ways to calm my stress down and over the space of a few months it went away. I was so lucky. I see so many people show me their eczema and psoriasis that has lasted years. Sometimes it's calm and sometimes it's in the middle of a flare up. Some people grow out of it, some people cure it and some people live with it for life. There is no cure as such, but if you can relieve it, you're halfway there.

Fast forward to today and I no longer have those skin problems, but that memory is still there. The frustration, the continuous scratching, the self consciousness. I created the Seabuckthorn Oil & Bentonite Clay Soap out of the many questions I'm continually asked about eczema and psoriasis relief. But I needed to take it a step further. Having a wash off product is fine but I needed something that provides longer relief to problem skin people. I started researching and the possibility of making a balm with Seabuckthorn Oil wasn't flash. This oil has the most amazing bright orange colour...which stains everything it comes into contact with. The soap is fine. A balm wouldn't work. Oat Oil was my next choice, the Oats & Honey Soap is also a favourite for eczema and psoriasis sufferers.

I loved creating my Eczema Balm. Warming the Oat Oil was pure bliss, it smelled of creamy porridge on my cooktop on winter mornings. Oat Oil calms inflamed skin, and Hemp Oil nourishes skin. I made a batch up, tried it out for a while and when I was confident I had my ratios and ingredients right, I sold it.

My favourite review so far (from my Facebook Page) is from Leesa: We’ve been putting the eczema body balm on the girls nightly & some mornings too (when I remember). My eldest daughters skin was particularly bad, really lumpy & she had been scratching a lot so lots of scabs all over her back, tummy & sides.... I put some on her tonight after a bath & the difference in the feel of her skin in less than a week is amazing! Her skin is mostly smooth & the scabs are mostly gone as she’s not itching as much!An added bonus is it makes the backs of my hands feel nice as I rub the leftovers on them after having put it on the kids 🙂I find it's great value for money especially as it actually helps!!! Highly Highly recommend that people give this a go.

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