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Updated: May 26, 2020

Scent in soaps is relatively new. In the early days there were no essential oils or fragrance oils around to add, so soap was unscented. I make a lot of my soaps naturally scented (or unscented), I add nothing. But there is still a slight lingering scent from the butters and oils. More people these days can't tolerate scent and become overwhelmed with it. Even with natural essential oils. Sometimes the more I learn about them and how potent they can be, I'm more reluctant to use them. It's been reported that people can get adverse reactions after using soap, either with essential or fragrance oils. They break out in hives or an itchy rash in response to the allergic reaction. Scented soap can also cause yeast infections - too many chemicals in a delicate area. Some soapmakers come away with headaches and feel unwell after inhaling any scent for a time. Some customers message and specifically ask if I have any soaps with no added scent at all. They just want something that cleanses, as soap is meant to do. I'm surprised that more soapmakers don't offer naturally scented soaps. Allergies are on the rise and as many as 30 percent of people surveyed in a study from the University of West Georgia said they find scented products irritating. That's a lot of sensitive individuals out there. Some studies are in the processes of being finalised and first thoughts are that scents are the new second hand smoke. Our lungs can't cope with being overwhelmed with toxic chemicals all the time. Perfumes are the biggest cause. With other man made artificial fragrances close behind. Fragrance free items are on the rise too, but some people still stick to the chemical synthetic fragrances because they smell strong, not realising they're giving their bodies, and skin, a hard time. Remembering that a truly clean body doesn't smell at all. There is nothing wrong with cleansing yourself with a fully natural bar of handmade soap that has no scent added to it at all. You'll emerge from your shower just as clean.

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