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The world is becoming more and more aware of the damage us humans are doing to the environment.

Photos showing beaches filled with plastic bottles, wave after wave, and then dumping the trash onto the beaches show what a major problem we have. The clean up efforts are massive and it's sad to think that the wildlife are dying from our pollution. Humans are funny creatures, we like ease and convenience over what is right. Take soap for example. Soap was first created in bar form. For those people who wanted something extra to cleanse with, a facecloth was used. Then along came plastic bottles and body wash. Many chemicals to make it smell nice and cheap plastic netting scrubbers to pop the stuff onto, to then wash yourself with. Bearing in mind those plastic netting pieces are fantastic at harbouring germs and bacteria - the whole point in washing is to get rid of the grime, right? But it's convenient. You can't possibly have these same chemical scents from bar soap as you do with body wash - yet look at the ingredients comparison. Chemical overload with body wash! All for a smell that's on a wash off product that soon disappears - and I'd be worried if it stayed on your skin like a leave on product does...

Body wash comes in recyclable plastic containers, like shampoo and conditioner. Each household would be surprised to realise how many bottles they throw away per year - especially being female. But recyclable is not good enough anymore. We are trashing our planet and being cruel to the animals at the same time. The good news is that in the last few years there has been a massive shift in consumers thinking. I sell more soap than ever now, and the comments are all positive (not just about my product) based on taking an item home that will be used to the end with no plastic to throw out. I love hearing awareness like this. It's inspiring. The Shampoo Bar has been such a great seller I'm having trouble keeping up. The feedback is fantastic. A lot of people try and live closer

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