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I have never been an artist. My brother is a pro. So creative, he uses paint brushes with only a few bristles to get a certain part of a painting done - while he holds his breath. The detail is that fine and precise.

I tried to be creative but nothing seemed to fit with me. I wasn't proud of anything I created. When I changed my diet from a pretty questionable one to a nutritious one, I found a creative streak with some desserts I made. But not everyone shared my taste of eating sugar free, so I quietly kept being proud of my creativity while munching on it. And became very healthy in the process. I thrived on keeping chemicals and additives out of my body. I was making soap as a hobby so I had the chemical free part sorted, as far as my skin goes, but the thought was always there to share it with others. I've made soap for years now. But it wasn't until I started using different techniques that I realised my arty streak was very much there. I set out to make unique soaps as well as standard soaps. I'm loving the creative streak I now have and love the fact I can share it with others. Even more, I love the fact that customers sometimes comment that they are purchasing a one of a kind soap and that no one else will ever have one the same. Sometimes they comment they won't use it, it's too beautiful to use, while I explain they need to use it - I need a reason to make more!!!

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