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It won't be climate change that's responsible for the demise of human beings on earth, it's going to be environmental destruction. We are responsible for both but we have a chance to lessen the climate change if we care for our environment better, starting yesterday. I've been saddened to hear of the dead whale they recently found overseas with over THIRTY plastic bags in it's stomach. We did that, we caused that death. Plastic use is horrendous. I no longer use the plastic NZ Post Bags like I have been for postage. They state they are recyclable, but I'd rather not run the risk as not all areas in NZ have soft plastic recycling at the moment. So cardboard here we come. And this now means more soap for less postage. I don't know why I haven't used this size box before, it means I can send between 1 and 16 soaps or 6 x small balms anywhere in NZ for $5. Win win for the environment and my customers :)

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