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I created a Shampoo Bar using Camellia Tea Seed Oil and absolutely love I hated it to begin with, my hair felt greasy and unclean. I convinced my male housemate to try it and only realised how much he liked it when he asked for another one. In the meantime I was still hating it. I almost gave up and then read online that some people can go through a transition phase, much like a detox, so stick with it. I'm glad I did. One day after washing and rinsing, it felt good. My hair finally felt clean. I still needed to use conditioner though, as my hair is very long and fine, and tangles easily. While I was finishing off that plastic bottle I started creating a Conditioner Bar. Again, not wanting to use any chemicals. Nothing artificial or synthetic. I came away disappointed from my research - the only 100% natural conditioner is the Apple Cider Vinegar method. I love ACV, I mix it with water in my hydration pack for running. But as far as using it in my hair, that's not an option. My hair comes out more of a tangled mess than after washing it. For some reason, it's not for me. The Conditioner Bars I have created, I love. I've used as less synthetics as possible, knowing it's the best I can do as far as natural goes. It's still winning though, that's one less plastic bottle for each bar that's sold. And that's my philosophy in having a business that creates as many natural products as possible, to address our horrendous planet waste issues. My hope for planet earth is that consumers speak with their choices, by not consuming the goods in plastic, and taking it a step further too, and using products that help our skin rather than hinder it. I've found so many internet articles recently, that point to when you have a clean body, using clean products, it spills over into your mindset and you find yourself cleaning up your life. People tend to find themselves eating cleaner, thinking clearer, and with cleaning out your body, it pushes people to clean out their homes. Once the plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles have left the bathroom, the enviro conscious ones tend to not let them back in. While selling my soap I get a lot of comments from people that believe slowly humans are waking up to the fact you don't need fancy fragrances in your shampoo to know your hair is clean, as clean people don't smell - at all. You need an item that cleanses without overwhelming your senses with artificial scents and doesn't clog your system with artificial ingredients that can harm your endocrine system. Another reason why humans are sicker than ever before. Ditch the chemicals!

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